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Charity Matte Stickers

Charity Matte Stickers

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These are limited run charity stickers to support those on the ground helping daily to keep abortion safe & accessible. 100% of the sticker proceeds will be donated, with 50% going to our local CA ACCESS Reproductive Justice org, and 50% will be donated to the Midwest Access Coalition helping people get abortion & reproductive healthcare through the midwestern states. Thats $2.50 per sticker for each org!

There are two designs available, a fiery statement sticker & a specialized Pride coloration of the "No Gods" sticker only available as this charity limited run!

DISCLAIMER- I am in no way affiliated with the aforementioned organizations, this is just a simple small way I felt I could make something fun to raise extra money to help support abortion access in the US. Money will be donated in accordance with the number of stickers sold as they sell at the end of each month.

Stickers are quite large and range from about 3"-5" in overall size depending on the design

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